Help ASAP lost pp elec key out of hours

I have lost my pre payment top up electric key and my meter is about to run out. What do I do? Its out of hours and will be without electric for days.

Someone help there is no advice anywhere on what to do.

You can activate an emergency credit on your meter for this purpose, usually it’s a fiver. That way you should be able to last until Monday to call for help.

How do I activate without my electric key. You need that to put on the emergency

I’m really sorry, I didn’t know that, I thought you could. I’m simply another customer so cannot answer on behalf of bulb

After a quick google, you can ring bulbs emergency line for metering, This is Siemens I think, they can give you a special code you take to your nearest pay point and get a temporary key

Well that’s it off now. I have tried to email. Sent a twitter message. Called Siemens and also my grid operator. And no one is helping. I have a 7 year old son. Its - 1 in glasgow and my heating will also not work as the boiler need to be on the power as well. This is beyond a joke that any company would leave you in this situation. What the hell do you do? Why is there no one to help?

Might be worth a walk down to your local pay point as you can get temporary keys if I’m not mistaken. But you do need a code from your energy supplier.

I’m trying my best to help with the resources I have.

Thank you. I called Siemens again as the meter is off and they are sending an engineer out within the next 3 hours to install a credit meter and will get me back on supply.

I think this is insane the carry on if you lose a key to get back on supply.

Hopefully this process can be changed in the future.

Glad it’s getting sorted tho it’s cold :snowflake:

I’m glad its sorted, or will be sorted.
Do let us know how you get on.

I might suggest keeping your key in your meter if its inside your property and only take it out to top up.

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Smart pre-payment meters can be topped up online or using a phone app, but unfortunately Bulb don’t support them yet. But yes, the archaic payment card will be gone relatively soon.

won’t need the key if changed to credit meter but on the plus side the S/C will be cheaper:

This is true, but it depends if Siemens have talked to bulb etc whether the OP gets out back on pay meters. I hope they get to stay on credit.

Siemens said if I want pp meter back in they would submit a request. I am to just stay on credit meter and they will submit the start read to bulb.

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That sounds really positive. While you’re at it, you may as well get your gas meter converted to credit. That way you never have to worry about the supply being cut off again.
But with bulb this may cost you £120, I really hope they don’t try and bill you for the electric meter.

They can put the old meter back of they try and bill me for it.