Help centre articles: How can we help you?

Our Help Centre has a heap of useful articles. From how to read your meter to how to request a refund, we’ve got the article for you.

@RichyB suggested that we could add a few extras.

Comment below if you can think of a question or topic that we’ve not covered. If it’s something that would be helpful to lots of people, we’ll put up a new article.


In the past few days, I’ve seen an uptick of:

  • Relocating/moving meters. There seems to be no help articles about this.
  • Economy 7 hours. I know these are meter specific and you don’t get the technical details, but could a help article be put up with up the ‘common hours per region’/‘hours are the same as your previous supply’/‘contact us for specifics’ and links to swapping your meter for a single rate one (if there was a form for people to enter the relevant parts of the MPAN number - either from their Bulb bill or previous supplier - and get the hours back, it would be brilliant and perhaps a good SEO ‘hook’ to get non-customers using the Bulb site).
  • Those ‘increase your direct debit’ emails. Perhaps it’s the wording of the email that has people really confused and this can just be clarified in future mailings instead of a help article.
  • Timelines for switching from Bulb/getting refunds. Again, perhaps just updating the exit email with ‘Here’s roughly what will happen when…’ will be enough, but it’ll be nice to have a help article to point people towards.
  • How to read a meter. I know there’s a large variety out there and they’ll be gradually replaced with hopefully just a few dozen smart meter models in the next couple of years, but perhaps have a ‘Here’s how to read your meter’ page with ‘First select whether gas or electric’ and then either display pictures or select the meter manufacturer name (‘Not found? Ask us directly…’) and then the model/picture of the meter. Again, it might be good for search engine hits from non-customers wondering how to read a specific meter model (such as the Sagem CX1000-3 CLK)

Thanks @RichyB

  • I’ve asked our copywriters to write a new Economy 7 Help centre page. They’ll first speak to our energy specialists to make sure they’re covering all bases. I’ll let you know when it’s up.

  • And I’ve now added the relocating meters to the list. Ta.

  • We’ve recently re-written our ‘increase payment’ emails which should communicate why we’ve increased a member’s direct debit a little clearer.

  • When you leave Bulb, we send an email update. This lets the member know the account balance and when money will be credit or debited from their bank account. We can add a bit more detail to this article if you think that would be useful? We can also add a little more detail to the how do I request a refund article.

  • We have a help article to explain how to read my meter. Our members generally find this helpful so we won’t be updating it for now. When we release our smart meters we will update it.

Thanks for your feedback.