Help E-mail Support Time

Hi lovely fellow Bulbers! In your experience how long does it generally take to get a reply from the Help E-mail Address?
Thanks in advance B)

A few hours usually! For early morning emails I got a reply mid-afternoon, and anything after 6pm gets a reply the next morning.

And all very helpful :slight_smile:

Based on other threads I’ve seen here it can be anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

They’re always very quick on the phone and web chat so I haven’t bothered emailing them personally.

In my experience within 24 hours except weekends.

Thank you folks. Much appreciated. I initially called and was impressed by the under 50 second hold time. I rang to find out how to get the exit fees credited back to me that my old supplier had charged. The man on the phone said to email the bill as a pdf to the help address. Awaiting a reply. Hope you are all enjoying Bulb too. :slight_smile:

For reference for anyone else reading, to get your exit fees refunded, send an email with a photo/scan/pdf of your final bill detailing the charges to and they’ll be credited to your Bulb account.