Help! Extremely high gas bill!

Hi there,
I swapped to Bulb a year ago due to having really high energy bills last winter. My landlord suggested it was price increases and to change supplier. Been happy with bulb, and usage is fine when I don’t use heating. However as soon as I use any heating at all (radiator central heating), my bill shoots up to the point of being ridiculous. Came home from being away over Christmas, to a bill of £100 for energy,. £64 of which was gas. I was in my home 22 days during this period of 30 days. When I left, I turned off heating and hot water in the cupboard where my (very old) boiler is. My statement says I used £2 + on average daily in gas alone. That seems a lot?!

I live in a very small 2 bedroom flat with my son. I work from home so spend a lot of time there. Saved up lots in my bulb account over summer so could afford heating this year - kept my home at 19-20 degrees during hours I was awake and at home. Turn it off at the thermostat on the wall during the night or when going out. I don’t understand how the heating can eat up THIS much? And how my bill was even higher the month I was not around, than the previous one where I was here all month (used heating then too).

I live in a first floor maisonette built in 1939. Double glazed windows but no insulation in the walls as far as I know. I do not heat it to excess as I don’t like over 20 degrees, and also my radiator in the bathroom isn’t working, so it’s not even on in all rooms. My flat is about 50 m2.

Please help :frowning:

A standard answer to your query.

Is your bill based on your meter readings or does it show any estimated meter readings?

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Hi there! I sent in my most recent meter reading on the 17th Dec. I usually send it in every 3 months when I get a notification to do so. The bill I am concerned about runs from 6th Dec to 6th Jan.

OK, your problem is that you haven’t been submitting monthly meter readings and the one you submitted on 17 December was submitted at the wrong time. As a result your bill or statement was clearly based on estimated readings and chances are the statement for 6 January was to catch up with underestimated statements for the previous three or so months. Don’t you received monthly email request to submit your meter readings?

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@Allanr has correctly identified the issue with estimated statements. You only get accurate monthly bills if you submit accurate monthly meter readings. The system isn’t psychic.

Having said that, your bills don’t sound that high to me for the property and usage you describe. Heating is VERY VERY expensive.

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I only get an email once every 3 months. Will put it on my calendar to do it monthly! Thanks. It’s a lot higher than in my previous flat which was both bigger and colder. :frowning: I do think this is very high for 22 days.

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It is high because it is estimated regardless that you were only at home for 22 day. The only way to get accurate bills is to submit monthly meter reading just a couple of days before the statement is prepared, you could submit your meter readings earlier but the closer you are to your statement date the more accurate your bill.

I wasn’t aware there was an option to receive email reminders other than monthly, but I will check out my account page to see if there is this option.

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I have a feeling there could be confusion that when you submit your reading the automated email that responds says another in 3 months would be great or some such


This has been pointed out to Bulb many times. They either have no intention, or an inability, to fix it. Similar story with most of the problems over the last 3 years it would appear.

I’m sure they will fix it soon.

Can’t find it on this document:

Edited, Oops, Can corrected to Can’t (which is what I meant to type)

That hasn’t been updated in months.

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Six months, in fact. And not only that but there’s loads of stuff on the “complete” list that blatantly aren’t, and the 3-6 months plan has proven to be wildly optimistic at best.