Help for pensioners

I recently switched to Bulb. I am now looking for a better deal for my Mum who is 81 years old.
She tells me that she received some help in the winter from the Govt/supplier. One payment comes directly from the Govt and another is paid by her current supplier. Does Bulb do this too?

Yes - Bulb do offer the ‘Warm Home Discount’ - (I’m assume she gets the “Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit” - if she does, she can apply via ) and you can also get the ‘Winter Fuel Payment’ from the government .

Hi there @90BakerStreet it looks like @RichyB has covered all the bases there! We’ll be opening warm home discounts soon, if she’d like to register for a notification when we open applications she can do so by filling in the form at, the other ones look like they come straight from the government :slight_smile: