Help I don’t know what to do

I cannot get the help I’ve tried
I have not had an electricity reading for a long time
I have a smart meter
I’ve contacted Bulb
twice and it has not been sorted
I have since put in a complaint but I’ve not even had any reply or even acknowledgement
I am using a lot of electricity at the moment due to the weather and I don’t know whether I’m going to be able to afford the bill as I am a pensioner
I’m feeling like I can’t have the heating on as I don’t know what it’s costing
I thought older people were supposed to be looked after in the colder weather
Any ideas anyone please

Have flagged your post, hopefully someone competent will pick it up

Hi @Tixy

Sorry that noone has got back to your email yet.

I can see that we’re getting your gas read but not your electricity read. A reboot was done in December but it looks like the reads haven’t come through yet. We will be able to see if the reboot worked when your next monthly read comes through.

In the meantime could you take a manual read?

You can then be confident that the bill is accurate. If you are unsure of how to do this you can follow this article.

We can then bill you to that read.