HELP I'm out of options

Hello so I am supposed to be with bulb but when I try to top up it saying meter is still switching apparently I’m not a bulb customer but on the app it says I have £5 emergency left I got my final bill from my other supplier and now I’m stuck it’s been over 16 days saying it’s switching and neither company is giving me the 8 week deadlock letter as neither is taking responsibility so I can’t go to the ombudsman untill I get the deadlock letter

If you e definitely signed over and you have a confirmation email at least. Then it will be bulb you’re with. I’d ring your last supplier and ask about the query…has anyone from bulb been out to do your meters or anything?

Hi @Mickyd,

Sorry for the delayed response. We’re currently only supplying your gas, your electric was rejected so you’ll need to speak to your old supplier about that. I can see you topped up your gas so I assume that issue is resolved - but please let me know if you still need a hand with anything.