Help my smart metre has been giving same false reading for months now!

Help my smart metre has been giving same false reading for four months now!

Worked fine at start now it sends the same incorrect reading monthly and is screwing up bills. If I update the readings manually smart metre comes in after and overides it. Emailed bulb and support said we can’t do anything are you for real? It’s faulty!

You installed it! Not to mention ihd doesn’t work either and is constantly rebooting off and on

This is a joke can somebody help me resolve this otherwise I’m looking elsewhere I have nearly 1k in my account as credit too and want some of that back. Causing me nothing but stress

If you feel that bulb has not attempted to resolve this issue satisfactorily, make a complaint on the OFFICIAL complaints form, and if it has not been resolved after eight(8) weeks you can refer it to the energy ombudsman.

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Cheers Skippy where is the official complaints form. I will go down this route as they have literally told me in two emails we can’t do anything.

If you click on complaints at the bottom of this page, that will link you through

Hi @idrees

We sorry to hear you’re not happy with the service you’ve received in resolving your smart meter issues. If you’ve not yet raised a complaint, please let us know and we’ll do this for you.