Help needed with smart meter

I had a smart meter installed back in June but the electricity readings never managed to be updated automatically. The gas readings work properly though.
Furthermore, I can’t provide manual readings as it seems the new smart electricity meter wasn’t updated on my Bulb account as the reader was never reset back to zero. That means that everytime I try to upload a reading, it fails because the new reading value is less than the one already there (estimate reading is adding to the old meter settings)
Can anyone from Bulb help me with this issue?
I’ve sent support an email 2 months ago, but I was to wait because it takes time for the readings to go through. From what I’m thinking now, it might be failing because the new reader wasn’t updated on the system.


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Mine has been fitted today and is not reading electricity I wish I had stayed with putting my old readings in I have moved it 4 times nearer the meter I’m not happy …