Help, please ASAP!

I was promised a smart meter earlier on in the year-it didnt arrive but MORE urgent is the fact that my local point where I top up is experiencing problems and Im on emergency now!

This is a public customer forum. The bulb team rarely answer here and will stop answering after 6.

As a fellow customer I can’t tell you anymore other than ask is there another pay point within a reasonable distance?

Just a thought, but use your old card/key I haven’t even received my key for electric and it’s been 2 weeks now since switch so not impressed already

Yep ask someone to give you a lift to the next paypoint if monies tight say it’s an emergency or I’m on candlewicks tonight!

Thank you-sorry for any confusion I may have caused

No issues. You’ve reached the community support network rather than a direct channel.

Do you still have the key? Can you get to another pay point.