Help please before i go insane

After four days WHY!!! won’t my IHD connect to my (not very) smart meter. the only help i’ve had is a page with a three step guide telling me “thanks for letting us know, we’re reconnecting you now , it should be fine in the next 24 to 48 hours” Really……. i’m on my third attempt now. Also can anyone explain to me why my solar panel app has lost connection as well…

I’ve had a smartmeter since October and about 3 weeks after installation it stopped working. I emailed Bulb twice over the following 3 weeks but didn’t get a response. Then out of the blue the smartmeter started up and has been running ever since. To be honest it didn’t bother me much when it wasn’t running as I saw it as Bulb’s problem not mine!

I do wonder why others don’t take this attitude. Sure, it’s annoying when the IHD doesn’t work, but it’s not life threatening is it? Just ignore it until the problem is resolved. It doesn’t take any effort or worry. It’ll work when Bulb get it working.

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Your smart meters wont have affected this. However, what might have affected it is the power outage that occurred whilst the meters were fitted. It’s important to note that this could have happened as a result of any power outage and is nothing to do specifically with the meter change.

Is the app not user configurable? Can’t you re-pair the app with the device yourself? Without knowing what the “solar panel app” is or what/how it’s communicating to whatever the device is, it’s very hard to say.

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i’ve tried repeatedly by deleting and reinstalling the owl intuition app, but to no avail. I just hope my panels are still working

Have you tried going through whatever the initial setup procedure was when the Owl system was first installed? I Googled “Owl Intuition” and it appears to be user-installable system that doesn’t require any specific engineer to visit and install.

Is this site related to it? Apparently it’s down right now which might be contributing to your problems?

Also replying to this post here to try to avoid splitting stuff between threads.

The problems detailed in that thread were due to a current clamp that hadn’t been refitted. This is independent of the smart meter In Home Display. It may also be a different problem to what you’re experiencing. Is your app completely failing to connect, or is it connecting but showing zeros where there should be data?

My Smart meter was fitted in Nov 2019 and it has never shown any readings despite being reset numerous times following the instructions carefully, so don’t hold your breath! Amazing that a business can roll something out that doesn’t work.

Interestingly I can now only see the daytime electricity on the smart meter and I used to be able to access both rates (we have day and night time tariffs). So now I can’t even track usage manually. Anybody else had this problem I wonder?

It’s showing zeros but also saying off line

The display shows only the active register. To see your night register you’ll have to look at the meter when the night rate is active. This is a problem with the specific meter Bulb are installing, but not specifically a smart meter problem. For example, my Elster smart meter installed by another supplier cycles through the readings for all rates in use by default.

No idea then, sorry. All I can suggest is following the setup procedure in the manual. It does appear to be a consumer installable device so you shouldn’t need anyone to visit to do that.

I am, however, 100% confident that nothing will have been broken by the installation of a smart meter. It may possibly have been broken by the power outage but that would have been something waiting to happen whenever your next power cut happened anyway.

had the same problem with IHD but working fine now, lets you know which appliance uses most energy, I’m all electric and so far no probs, If I’m being honest, there is no need for a smart meter as everyone can read there own meter and work out the cost, every day if need be

Whilst this is of course undeniably true, I find it akin to saying no one needs spreadsheets because everyone can use a calculator.