HELP, Please! I'm Paying Circa £200 Per Month For a 1 Bedroom Flat - what's going on?

Hi Bulb Community,

I have extortionately high electricity bills & usage … I really don’t understand it!
I live in a large 1 Bedroom flat but I seem to be paying an amount equivalent to a 3-4 bed house.

I have electric only (no gas) so understand a supply on 100% electric is higher than a mix of having electric/gas combined. However how can i be using 11000 KW per year for a 1 bed?

I am semi cautious on my usage, i.e not having the heating on all day & night, prob average 4-6 hrs per day. Washing machine & dishwasher each go on approx 3 -4 times a week on a short 30 min load. I have even stopped using the tumble dryer past 6 months to see if that helps bring the usage down but no joy!

When checking on the bulb daily usage chart, some days it shows I am using £7-£9 - which is ridiculous.

The only thing i can think of using high consumption is heating the hot water for washing.

Does anyone else have a similar issue or can advise on what is causing my high monthly usage?

Thanks in advance…

Bulb has agreed to pay £1.76 million ($2.3 million) for failing to meet operational standards set by Ofgem around consumer switching, billing and the Priority Services Register. August 2020

Do your bills actually reflect what your meters are reading, as opposed to being estimates?

If so, it’s down to a combination of your usage and tariff, or a faulty meter.

Hi @Michelle100,

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I can understand your concern regarding this matter completely. I have taken a look into your account now, and can see that we are receiving your meter readings each month directly from your smart meter. This would confirm to us that your bills are accurate and in correlation to the usage of the property.

However, I would also just like to check the meter for you. To do that, we would carry out something known as a ‘Burns Test’.

I have sent you an email now providing more information on this, and how it will allow us to assess if there is an issue with the meter, or if your bills are based on your property’s consumption and the high bills you are seeing currently are based on seasonal usage.

If you do have any further questions, please feel free to respond to my email and I’ll be more than happy to help assist you further :slightly_smiling_face:

Kind regards,

Yes the meter readings are matching bang on…
Also did a test today on turning everything fully off from the mains for a few hrs while out to see if any movement on the meter but it was unchanged, so thats eliminated it being a faulty meter…
Just cant understand how i’m spending in excess of £50 a week & even in summer months its 35 p/w.

Hi Diana,
Ive completed a test & the meter seems to be correct.
Can you please confirm the peak/off peak hrs for electricity ?
Also the variable rates on the above?
Thanks for your reply.

I’m using £200 ish a month in a small one bedroom flat. Applied for WHD in Oct. Apparently being audited. I would have changed supplier had I not been awaiting this.

Hi @Michelle100,

Please could you respond to my email with your meter photos, and I’ll be able to have a look and take it from there :slightly_smiling_face: - Diana

Hi @Steohadigu,

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I have taken a look into your account now for you, and can see that you do submit meter readings on a monthly basis which is great. I can see that your usage seems to be higher during the night, so if you have storage heaters on for example then this could be the reason for this.

Regarding the Warm Home Discount, I can confirm that we have indeed received your application. All payouts get made by 31 March 2021, and we do highlight this on our page. This can be found here: The Warm Home Discount – Bulb

If you need help with anything or have any further questions please do let me know!

Kind regards,

Hi Diana

Here’s a picture of my meter taken yesterday.IMG_8443

Can you please confirm the peak/off peak hrs for electricity ?
Also the variable rates on the above?
Thanks for your reply.


Its a huge monthly amount isn’t it - has your bill been consistently this amount year on year?

No. Previous years at least £50 less per month during same period.


Can you please confirm the peak/off peak hrs for electricity ?
Also the variable rates on the above?

Hey @Michelle100,

I’ve just taken a look at your account, and it looks like you only have one flat rate that is charged all at the same rate, so theres no ‘off peak’ on your meter unfortunately.


Hi Georgie

Is there an option to change my meter & account with you so I can have peak & off peak ?
My bills with Bulb are way beyond very high as you can see on my account.
I really need a better rate to justify remaining with Bulb.


Bulb will tell you that your smart meter cannot be reconfigured like that at present (though since it’s fundamentally a billing issue, technically what the meter does is irrelevant as long as they can get readings frequently enough [such as the half-hourly option provides]).

So they’re not going to be willing to help you at the moment.

Having said that, I think you’ll do well if you can find a substantially better rate elsewhere right now - I switched away last autumn because there were some good fixed deals available, but those seem to have dried up since OFGEM’s recent announcement of an increase in the Energy Cap price limits (although it was expected).

Annoyingly, not long after switching, my new supplier collapsed, and I was forcibly transferred to ScottishPower in December, and they’ve not made a good start so far (no DD taken in January; no statements or bills or online access to my account as yet, and bugger-all communication from them).

Hey @Michelle100,

We actually don’t typically switch people from one to two rates as we are currently a ‘single tariff’ supplier so are only able to bill you to your default rate. Do you have anything like storage heaters/immersion heaters that would benefit from a cheaper night rate?


Thanks for your reply.
Much appreciated


If i was to come off the smart meter would there be additional options then regarding peak & off peak rates ?
The smart meter is actually of no benefit to me as my apartment is too far away from the actual meter so I can’t access any information on the device for any readings inside my home…

In answer to your point, I don’t have storage or immersion heaters.

I have a similar problem and also live alone in a 1 bed flat. I’ve been with Bulb over 2 years and have always found them very reasonable. I’ve now being charged £115 for last month. I’m out of the flat at weekends and go to work three days a week??? I don’t have a smart meter as I’m apparently not suitable as I have Economy 7.