HELP, Please! I'm Paying Circa £200 Per Month For a 1 Bedroom Flat - what's going on?

Hi ,what is the rough increase you are being charged year on year for the same time period?
I know everyone is at home more now compared to last year due to the lockdown but even taking that into consideration my increase yr on yr seems very extreme…

Having a similar problem in a 2 bed and our monthly winter usage is £120, has never been this high in previous years

@Michelle100 - the only way we’d ever be able to switch you in the future would be through your smart meter so it would be good to keep that. I only ask about your heating as sometimes it doesn’t make sense for people to be on peak/off-peak rates as the peak rate is more expensive that our standard tariff about would be what you’re charged for between 07.30-00.30 every day. It only really benefits someone to be on a 2 rate tariff if they use around 40% of their energy overnight.

@lhaynes5 - similar to above, it might be worth ensuring you are using all your high electric appliances between the hours of 00.30-07.30. This includes washing machines, dishwashers etc. This is how you can get the best deal on your current meter set up.

@Chris96 - I can see most of your usage is in the night which is great for keeping your costs low, but due to everyone being at home more and the cold/dark months we’ve had we are noticing people are using more electric at the moment. You should notice your bills getting smaller as the suns out more for longer over the next few months :sun_with_face:

Any other questions, please let me know!