Help. property change with energy already supplied by a bulb

I would like some help. moved on 04/01 to a property where the previous landlord informed me that the bulb electric company was already supplying energy, I tried to call several times and didn’t get service and with that I decided to do it through the website I went to the “Moving In” option and I registered and chose the option (Two rate meters), but my landlord informed me that the correct option would be (Storage heaters), I don’t know if this interferes with anything and I also don’t know if I should have continued the same tenant’s contract previous. Thank You

Bulb are in “special measures” whatever that means.

The FIRST thing ANYONE should do on the moving in day is take (and save) current meter readings so whoever the supplier is can not hit them with a whopping bill for the previous occupants usage. IF your properties supplier is Bulb. you need them to respond to you & set the property bill payer responsibility to your name (from the readings you took (hopefully) when you moved in.
If (as your landlord has said) you have storage heaters - your electric meter is likely (but not certain) to be an economy seven meter. (There are different types - most common has two tariffs (and two readings) some have three tariffs & three readings. If Bulb was the previous tenants supplier - they should be aware of the type of meter in the property. But I’d advise you to contact Bulb again. to make them “aware” you do not have standard electric meter.

It means they don’t answer the phone, they don’t answer emails or respond to paying customers on here and unless you like banging your head on a brick wall don’t even think about using the “chat bot” page. :exploding_head: