Help - Smart meter not sending readings

Hi my smart meter is not sending readings automatically, the meter is flashing green every second, the IHD6 seems connected to the meter and is showing my daily usage but nothing is being sent.

The bulb app shows that it’s not sent a full daily reading since the 5th of May, the 6th of may it only sent a partial reading for that day.

Bump, really would like to get this sorted asap.

Do you know if it’s smets1 or smets2? And was it fitted while you were supplied by bulb or another supplier?

Not sure what smets, how do I find out? Yes fitted with bulb about 8 months ago

Should be smets2 in that case. There should be 2 lights flashing on the hub (at the top of the meter) and should be flashing every 5 seconds. If just one light is flashing at 1 second intervals then it is not connected to the network and will need rebooting. It may be able to be done remotely but will probably need a visit

Yes it’s flashing every second, use to be slower

Definitely needs the hub rebooted. Bulb can ask dcc to do it remotely and failing that an engineer will need to come out

Ok thanks, not getting a reply on here so will have to phone

Probably the best bet to call

That’s the same date when my SMETS2 meters stopped sending

I’ve contacted them, they said it could take upto 6 weeks to reset