Help submitting meter readings via tablet / app?

Hi everyone, I have recently switched over to Bulb and am in the process of trying (and currently failing!) to submit my first gas and electricity readings…
I am unable to find where, and unsure how to go about doing this via the app or on the mobile site, as I cannot seem to find an option to enter a reading on either! :#
I was unsure if there are issues with these, or if anyone else has experienced any similar issues? (or if it’s just me not looking properly!) :stuck_out_tongue:
If anyone could please advise it would be very much appreciated, thanks!

I have the same issue. Please help

Hi @luke_ and @Mike_Cripps,

If you log into you bulb account using this link, you should see a green box that says ‘submit meter readings’. If they are your first readings it’ll say ‘Submit your first meter readings’. If you click here you should be able to enter them as normal.

If you have a second generation smart meter, we should be able to get readings automatically. This will mean that the option to submit meter readings doesn’t show on your online account. If you’re still having some problems just send me a message and I’ll have a look for you. :slight_smile:


Hi @“Pollyanna at Bulb”,
I have used the link provided, but still no luck! :s
I suspect I may have a 2nd gen meter and guess this is why I am not seeing an option to submit readings?
I have sent you a message regarding this anyway, and was wondering if you could confirm this is indeed the case please?

Hi @luke_ , you do indeed have a second generation smart meter, this will transmit reads to us so no need to submit them in the app. Hence why we removed the option.