Help us snazz up the community home page

Hey folks,

We reckon the community sections could use a liven up. While the current green boxes are nice and all, who doesn’t like a nice set of icons to snazz things up a bit?

We’ve found a few that we think could be up to the job, but as ever we want your opinion on how we should do things. Here are some of the ones we like. Which is your favourite? Can you find any you think are better?

About Bulb

Help & support

Everything but Bulb

We’re going to look so pretty!

So, which do you like? Can you find any better?



I prefer the question marks, feels more of a mystery…

I quite like the pen one, and the hands look cool.

Banana ftw though.

Should probably design a few more though for protential future categories, you never know when it’ll get busy here =D

I dont like the green and none of the icons light a flame for me

This is a pretty awesome website for getting icon ideas: If you use the icons then the royalties go to supporting the artists that made them too