Help, what's happened

Hello, my first post here.
Well i just checked our online account to fine we are some £900.00+ in credit, money we could do with in our pockets due to current circumstances. Why has it suddenly dropped
from £192.00 to £124.00 per month? we have had no letters concerning this.
I also thought i’d check the SMART meter, well it’s as dead as a Dodo, tried all the usual before being told to and still not breathing, so what’s happened, the actual meter shows Wifi is connected.
Also was the winter fund credited to the account? as being severely disabled myself it would help a lot, as would £900.00 over payment, people would soon be contacting me if it was the other way in debt, giving us days to make a payment.
So a few questions to be answered please, and when are we to get the ‘over payment back’
Please look into this and email your answers.

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