HELP - Where’s My Bill

Can anyone please tell me where I might find my bill, if in fact there is one ?

I’ve given meter readings, so I’d like to know how much my monthly bill is

Thanks So

You’ve got to wait until you first bill is generated usually once a month.

Hi, thanks for replying

This has been done, although I’m new here, I’m not actually a new customer

There should be a statement in PDF form attached to your account which you can download online and mobile

I’m having the same problem. I’ve been with Bulb for a year, but the most recent statement available in my account is for March 2019…
I have no idea of my current balance.

You will need to contact bulb directly by phone or chat to get them to manually reset your account

You should still be able to see your balance in the payments section of your account without statements unless your accounts not working at all

I’m having the same issue. Where are my bills. Been an account holder since March last year. No pdf bills at all. Can see on the payments section my statements etc with dates paid but nothing to view an actual bill???

Thanks for your response.
I can see the month balance of the payments I make but there has been no deductions for electricity used since March.
I will try to call them.

Push the little green button beside the word statement should open your PDF

there is no little green button. Never has been, Tried different browsers thinking thats the issue but nope still nothing???

Think you will have to get an account reset, phone or chat

Will be contacting them tomorrow morning.

Don’t bother with email as the response time can be a bit slow

There is no PDF, let alone green button, and I know I’m looking in the right place because there are some from last year. My credit balance is already over 20% higher than my predicted annual usage.
I have been called 4 times in the last week by Bulb telesales reps who apparently have no record of who their existing customers are… pretty annoying in more ways than one. I think they need to improve their customer service before existing customers spending so much resource on trying to get more.

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Tele sales reps would have no idea who their speaking to as the calls are made by an automated random number caller
But I do take your point about C/S being poor however they are working on new staff and upgrading their accounts system but unfortunately these things take time

I am 100% confident those were not calls from Bulb, but only someone purporting to be Bulb.

Probably " *SCAMMERS"one cannot be to careful when giving details online or over the phone

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That certainly occurred to me, so I didn’t give any personal info.

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