Help with the Money Saving Expert Big Switch

We’re proud to say that we were chosen by Money Saving Expert for its Big Switch. We’re sure everything will go swimmingly, but here are some answers to common questions.

  • How do I join the Big Switch?
  • I submitted my switch a few days ago, but I haven't heard anything since
  • Some of my details are incorrect
  • I've switched! When will I get my voucher?

How do I join the Big Switch?

To take part you have to sign up through Cheap Energy Club’s online form. There’s lots of help on the Cheap Energy Club registration page, plus Money Saving Expert have an FAQ page covering the important points. You can’t join by phone though, so sorry if that's how you like to do things.

I submitted my switch a few days ago, but I haven't heard anything since

First, please check to see if you got a confirmation email from Money Saving Expert's Cheap Energy Club. Once you receive this you should get a welcome pack by email from Bulb on the next working day. If you’re missing either email, then check your spam folder. Sometimes they get shuffled in there. If your Cheap Energy Club email is still playing truant get in touch with Money Saving Expert and they'll be able to track it down. If you haven't heard from Bulb yet then give us a shout and we'll see what's going on.

Some of my details are incorrect

If there has been a mistake or you think you might have put in the wrong details then just let us know. We can look into it for you and get you sorted.

I've switched! When will I get my voucher?

You’ll get your voucher once your switch has completed and we’ve let MSE know that it all went well. It usually takes around 12 weeks from the application date to get your voucher.

Hope this helps,

Hi, I’ve been with Bulb for a couple of months, after joining as part of the MSE Cheap Energy Club Big Switch,
So far, I’m enjoying the feeling of being 100% renewable, and saving money against my previous “big six” supplier.

However, I recently got an alert from MSE that I could now be saving even more with two other renewable suppliers (that I am not familiar with), but also with Bulb’s own Green Electricity+Gas tariff (saving me £30/year over my current Bulb fixed tariff).
This suggests I would be better off moving tariff (even with an early exit fee), so I wanted to ask Bulb whether you agree?
I am surprised if the 1-year fixed tariff has become obsolete so soon after joining.

Thanks, Neil

Hi @nei1t, Great that you’re liking being with us

The MSE thing is a funny one. When we submitted our bid to MSE for the collective switch, we just offered our standard tariff. It was MSE that required it to be fixed, so that’s what we did. Since then, we reduced our variable tariff. Due to the nature of a fixed tariff though, members who joined us through MSE aren’t able to benefit from this.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone would be better off moving from the fixed. The reason MSE likes it is that it also makes members immune to price rises. If we were to raise our prices that is. Whether or not that’s worth it is down to the individual.