Help with topping up

I have the money to top up my meter but I can’t get to the shop, I’m on a prepayment meter (not smart one) I’m currently on £1.30 emergency and stuck at home poorly is there a way I can top up without going to the shop?

Hey @kimberleyreynolds11 Welcome to Bulbs community page :wave:

Sorry to hear you have not been able to topup, hoping you feel better soon.

Unfortunately due to being on standard prepay, the only way to topup this meter up would be via a manual topup at a shop however we will list some support in doing this below.

  • Can a friend/family/neighbour top up for you?

    • You can leave the card/key outside your house for the friend/family member to pick up
  • You can contact a local volunteer to do this for you, an example is COVID Mutual Aid or you can speak to other support groups in the area - These can include NHS volunteers

    • The Covid Mutual Aid website lets any member of the public find a group in a given area, and from that group you can find an individual who will help with the task you need - in this case, topping up your meter
  • You could try to get in touch with your local council

    • You can contact your local council for advice and support - there should be a specific page on their website with a phone number and/or email.
    • The council may be able to put you in touch with someone who can help, but the services available varies council to council.

If none of these work for you, please feel free to contact Bulbs emergency on

– Carl :bulb: