Helping yourself to my money from my bank account and taking the liberty of arranging a new Direct Debit on your behalf without my knowledge

Who the hell do Bulb think they are , I have a DD set up for £108 on the 25th of each month which I’ve never failed with and to my shock I have just logged into my bank account to only find that BULB have helped themselves to £158 and not the £108 DD that was in place on that set date 25th and have now taken £275 on the 9th May and took the Liberty of cancelling my previous DD and set a new one up for the 9th without my knowledge or discussing it with me first. You have no right to help yourself to my money or anyone else’s especially with how I choose to pay my bills with my PERSONAL banking (not yours),I have notified Barclays and have stated clearly to them I didn’t give any permission or authority to anyone at BULB to change anything and they have raised an indemnity claim with you regarding this to have it paid back but please elaborate I’m intrigued to see what you have to say regarding this as I’m sure the rest of your customers are ? And please set it back to the original dates and stick with my payment plan which was agreed on when I was placed in the vulnerability group with 60 days.I have all the emails regarding my payment plan and everything to confirm my post. Otherwise I will just cancel my direct debit altogether with you. It’s like daylight robbery😡 hell I might as well give you my debit card and PIN so you can go shopping … You have no right to do what you have done.Also fix your chat facility so we can discuss this or if you prefer you can contact me overseas while I’m on holiday if that’s possible.

I look forward to your explanation regarding this outrageous behaviour.

bail out from these robbers!!! without going into a load of detail, i am having the same problems. remember they have gone and do not care!. best thing you can do is switch!, as i am doing.