Here are all the projects that we're working on: Bulb's Live Open Roadmap

We’ve published our roadmap so everyone can see we’re up to. We really want your feedback on what we should be working on.

Click here to head to the Bulb Open Roadmap

This is a living and breathing document. Post your ideas here in the community and we’ll add them to the roadmap. Them vote for the ideas you like directly in the roadmap.

We can’t wait to see what you think.

Nice, thanks for sharing. +1 from me for an Android app.

Thanks @energy fellow fandroid :smiley:

quite surprised to see nothing on increasing the proportion of green gas. also some kind of interest rate on balances in our account would be nice :slight_smile:

@ben281 We are very keen to increase our percentage of green gas but at the moment the rate we’re procuring more is in line with our growth. As for interest rate, the Bank of Bulb could have a nice ring to it.

Pretty sure that any interest gained on the vast majority of balances wouldn’t amount to more than a few pounds per year, but the shake-up to the industry with such a good-will gesture would lead to a lot of positive publicity <3

@bob4794 that’s true indeed. I’ll pass it on to our product team and see if it’s something that they can look to incorporate in the future =)