£££ Here we go...Again

Get ready to search for a new supplier as Bulb has a habit of maximising the amount they can increase your bills by. :rage:

Forget the “up-to £96” bit …it will be £96.

Hi all the fixed rates have already gone up on uSwitch!! It’s a bit late but hay ho after several solr’s I think I have found almost a happy medium and the WHD helps take care every one J.


I did a search there and other sites this morning and I was wondering if they had factored in the increases.

Good to know they all can’t wait to get more money out of us.

All tarred with the same brush, promise you the earth and then treat you like mushrooms

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Hi yer the fixed prices only seem to have gone up!!! Had a look yesterday after seeing Martin Lewis on TV!! The variable prices may just be holding out to see who goes first!! TCJ. Ps if interested one of my followers has a credit link for octopus yer I checked them out their fix is up nearly a hundred pounds too!!

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Thanks for the octopus info. :+1:t2:

Another thing to factor in is that energy companies can demand up to 3 months payment in advance if they think you have a bad credit record so switching could be very expensive in the short term.

Hi yer not long had email off uSwitch saying I could save £36 with Eon yer was with them years ago never got the WHD as on new rate of pension and not pension-credit so am happy with bulb almost!! But I can see the unit cost of electricity going up to 22p the same as octopus are changing in my region!!
Yesterday it was 19p almost all the same as bulb TCj.