Heyup yous all snowing

bin snowing here in Norfik
email_snowball.gif (516×344) (ranaldofamily.com)

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Also snowing in Nottingham and in Kent apparently!

Not here in Surrey yet but you never know! Certainly cold enough.

Snow in Harrietsham, Hollingbourne and Lenham. All villages that lie along the North Downs in Kent.

Nothing over here in rainy, cloudy Surrey :frowning:

Bin snowin this mornin in Essex

Was the same in Nottinghamshire…

pity, it’s stopped now. I was looking forward to Skippy commenting but reckon he was too busy trying to clear my cave door.

Actually I was stuck in my cave with this thundersnow, really is quite spectacular,
Nothing as mundane as ordinary snowfalls up here

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