Hi, I am a bit concerned..

Hi, I have switched to you from Edf energy… But it showing up on my bank account as a pending payment of £73.00 from Edf… Its expected to come out from my account tomorrow… My worry is that I’ll also be paying you also on the 3rd? As surely I should not have to be paying both if i have switched?

Thanks from Clive Groves…

Hi Clive, I have the same issue with British Gas. My switch to Bulb will take place on 5th Feb with my first payment to Bulb on the same day. However British Gas are still wanting my next direct debit to be paid to them on the 4th Feb and have specifically asked that I do not cancel my direct debit to them. Bulb guys pls can you comment on this. I feel that I am paying 2 providers for the month of Feb. How does this work? I understand that British Gas will balance everything out - I sent both you and British Gas my meter reading last night. I just envisage having to wait a while to get anything back from BG. Thanks. Helen.

Hi, Helen… I’m Guessing we will have to pay into both providers this month! & Are old providers will give any money back to us which we do not use! We will just be a bit short on cash until the switch is complete :smiley: That’s what i think anyway… Would be nice for some sort of confirmation from someone at bulb regarding this though just for clarity… ??? And Will the money I send to you this month " Bulb " Be used towards next months energy usage?

Thanks from Clive Groves.

Hey there @yoda and @clive1984, thanks for both your comments and I’d be more than happy to give you some answers regarding the double payment. Your old suppliers should only be charging you for energy up to the day that you switch to us. Sometimes, payment schemes can mean that a payment goes out right before you switch to us since they haven’t received readings to close the account yet. This can cause some customers that switch over to us to be charged twice when they swap over.

When you give us your first meter readings, we will send them through to your old supplier who will then generate a final bill and refund you any credit left over.

At Bulb, we take upfront payments which means, exactly like you said Clive, the money you pay will be for the next month’s energy usage. At the end of the month, you will be billed for your energy usage with any money left over remaining as credit. The reason we take upfront payments is so we can buy energy earlier and pass the savings onto our customers :slight_smile: