Hi. I have had my smart meters which were installed by Bulb for several years , the electric meter has been connected from day one but the gas meter has never been connected for some reason. Any suggestions please? Thanks

Gas meter not showing on my reader.

Ofgem if you are lucky enough they may or may not help but turn a deaf ear to bulb because they do nothing to help and just make you frustrated and annoyed.

Hey @Jamessp1 Thanks for your post. Looks like your gas meter is not connected, I will ask the smart technical team to look into this and see if we can get it connected for you. I will email you over confirmation of this when I have spoken to them.

–Carl :bulb:

Thanks Carl fingers crossed.

If they do not fix the problem contact ofgem but,they are not much use either my gas meter the same did not work then worked for a few months now i have to take readings as much use as a milk sandwich.

The Energy Ombudsman is the correct organisation to take the complaint up with

I have been in the same position for years, can someone from the smart meter team also contact me.

My smart meters were installed last year, both not sending readings! Bulb just come up with excuses! Come on Bulb, you can do better than this!