Hi, I've just switched to Bulb.

I won’t actually switch until 15 July but have begun the process. Is that why I can’t see any of the account information that’s referred to in my welcome pack? It says that on my homepage I can do things like see account info, but there’s nothing there?

PS I’m signed into my account

You have pretty much answered your own question. Until your switch is complete your account will be pretty bare

Trouble is, prior to the switch, I need to submit a meter reading, but don’t have that option. I’m hoping it’ll be up there in due course

Hi @SarahA ,

Thanks for getting in touch and great that you’ve decided to join us.

I would say first you need to make sure that you’re logging into the correct online account (rather than the community account - more common error than you think)

So log in here: https://account.bulb.co.uk/login

Then during the switch process you’ll see each step along the way in a white box. You’ll need to submit meter readings from the 10th on wards, so we don’t need them just yet.

Let me know if you need anything else!