Hi, I've lost my Gas prepayment key

I lost my key for Gas

I lost my key for Gas

Hi Mahjoub

This is a public forum and would urgently suggest you remove your personal details from the subject heading in your posting. You can amend the subject heading by clicking the cog wheel against your posting and selecting edit.

Sorry to hear you have lost your key, unfortunately chances are only fellow customers on the forum today and tomorrow. You may have to wait until Monday to make contact with the Bulb team, their contact details are via the Help link at the top of this page.

Hi Mahjoub, I’ve edited your post to remove your address, for safety reasons.

If you’ve lost your key or card get in touch with us Monday to Friday, 9AM to 6PM, on 0300 30 30 635 or by email at help@bulb.co.uk. We can get you a new one sent out in 3-5 working days.

The first key or card you lose we’ll replace free of charge.