Hi lads recommendation

hi lads i need some recommendation, i’m with Utilita spending £45 per week 177 in a month only electricity, gas is bloddy hell no touch just hot water , would you recommend Bulb over Utilita?

yes im on prepayment witch i have to topup everyday 2-3 days shall i switch over to Bulb Credit Meter

both gas and electricity are prepayments would all of you recommend me to switch over Bulb, 40-45Pounds per week just Electricity

Go to a price comparison site and see who is cheapest for you.

Bulb are no longer cheap, in fact they are considerably more expensive than most of the big 6 for a lot of people.

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i used moneysuppermarket comparison site its the one or do you recoomend any. i did and bulb came first

I use this one from MSE as it compares the whole market, and they pay you money to switch.

I am a fairly low user, but even I can still save around £100 a year by switching back to eon, who I just came from.

I don’t want to leave Bulb, but it they don’t drop their prices very soon I am off.

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This may be true. But a 100% renewable suppliers are around the same price. You cam get cheaper energy, but be wary of tariffs which are more greenwashed than bulb as they tend to be cheaper.

To get guaranteed 100% renewable from a supplier that also generates all it’s own energy you’re looking minimum 25% more.

Have you seen the Oak and Birch tariffs from green.energy?

I’m in the process of leaving Bulb to join green.energy and saving £150 per year in the process. They also get very good reviews on Trustpilot.

I don’t believe Bulb are living up to their promises to be responsive in varying their prices in line with wholesale energy costs. Wholesale energy costs have been consistently falling over several months, whilst Bulb’s prices have remained static.
They are nowhere near as competitive in the energy market as they were throughout 2018. Personally, I blame this largely on the fact that they continue to pay £100 referral fees (£50 each to referer and referee) for each new customer. This has a massive impact on their overall costs (and profitability), and has prevented them from lowering their prices in line with the wholesale cost of energy.


May I know why you are leaving them due their customer service