Hi. Nothing to do with question showing up. Wrong address.

Last supplier also had address wrong and we both (them and I) only discovered this as I was applying for swap.
We were recorded as Mr. C. Barnett. Moor House, Talbot Road, Hawkhurst. Kent TN18 4NL

We are actually “Rioja” Talbot Road etc. Could you please correct this?

As I mentioned previously (to them) maybe we’ve been paying their bills! If so we deserve huge rebate as their property is massive - including swimming pool. But this would only happen in a dream … or would it? One can only hold out so much hope.

For now an address correction would be brilliant.

Kind regards.

Chris Barnett

Hi Chris,

The gas address we have for you is Rioja, but the electricity one isn’t, but there also isn’t a Rioja on your postcode in the industry database. There are two Moor Houses. What we need to do is compare your meter serial numbers to the ones in the database to make sure that we have the right one. And if not to take over the right one instead.

Take a look at the front of your electricity meter for your serial number. We can then look that up in the database and see what the address is actually down as.

You should also call up your old supplier and give them the serial number too, to make sure you weren’t paying for the wrong supply there. They will be able to sort it out for you if you were. And hopefully get you a refund too!