My switch completed on the 8th jan i got an email the 8th saying transferwise will email me for bank details within 2days i never received it i got told today i had to credit my electric before the email would be sent but i still have over £30 in my meter and got told from the start to use all money up before i put new card in so if i top up the new key but dont use it until my electrics run out would that still work to trigger the transferwise email sorry for the long message just so confusing thanks


I would suggest you contact the Bulb team direct since this is a public forum. Click the Help button at the top of this page for details on how to contact Bulb direct. None of us customer on the forum are likely to know the details of your account hence why I suggest you contact Bulb who will give you a definitive answer.

Also it may be more appropriate if you inserted a more description element in the subject line rather than just Hi.