High Bill after moving!

We’ve just moved house and provided bulb with the meter reading and they have come back with us owing nearly £180!!

There are just 2 of us in the house and out most of the day and work and the weekend at our workshop away from home.

We were paying around £42 a month on electric and our last submitted reading was December.

So somehow, 2 people who are out most of the time save managed to add an additional £180 worth of electric in just 3 months!!

Absolutely astounded, we switched to bulb as they appeared to be the better priced. I definitely don’t think so now as I spent less the previous year with Scottish Power, who I left for being so expensive!!

Is 80 odd quid a month the average electric for 2 people, who’s house is heating via oil and log burner and aren’t home a great deal?

Take your last submitted reading in Dec and then the leaving readings. You can then work out if the bill is correct.
It sounds like by not submitting actual readings each month that estimates have been used and there is a catch up.
It is easy enough to check at your end.