High bill, almost quadruple what we were quoted

I’ve been with bulb since I moved into my 2 bed apartment. The first payment was £65 and the second £50…. Whereas last month was £150 and this month £200!!! We are not using anything differently, we rarely use the heating so I’m very confused as to why it’s so high! Our estimated energy usage is £75 a month ! Please help. We have been moved onto the “smart meter” system but we don’t actually have a smart meter display…

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Same problem here, my first d/d which was agreed with Bulb from previous supplier reading was £108, when oil problem started, I increased d/d to £135.

Nov bill was £175, Dec £195, Jan £200 and told to expect 50% increase in April = £300.

Join the gang. Since smart meter in Nov I’ve went from £40 to £110 no change in usage bulb are next to useless now

Hey all, thanks for your posts.

@kiradeanne You are on an all electric tariff which means that you should have electric heaters if correct, the cost of electric is more expensive than before and the reads we have been getting have suggested you are using a lot more energy than we originally expected. Are you able to let us know some of the electric appliances you use so we can share some tips to keep costs low for you?

@frenchman96 Sorry to also hear your payments have gone up, earlier in the year you had a decent credit buffer but following recent readings, we have noticed you have increased in your usage which is why your payments increased. Our tariff is variable so your payments are not fixed. When quoted we should let you know that your payments are based on usage so if your usage does change then you could see your payments go up or down.

@Jlstxi I am sorry that your payments increased by a lot, similar to the previous comments we have noticed an increase in the usage. Our tariff has changed since 2020 so energy usage in winter of 2020 would look different to 2021. I believe you may have been in touch to discuss your meter today, if you need any further feedback on this let us know.

You are all on the variable rate which is our only tariff, we do not offer a fixed deal.

These three articles from our help site also give simple helpful tips on saving energy:
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–Carl :bulb:

Hi Carl,

I’m seeing similar hikes in my bills though I don’t believe i’m using any more energy in particular. I have gas and electric both have more than doubled in usage in the last month, that’s despite the boiler breaking down for a week too where I was without heating. A couple of questions on the variable rate:

  • I’m on set direct debit payments each month which don’t vary but now with each new bill it’s setting me new minimum and suggested monthly payments. Should I change my monthly amount each month as usage seems to fluctuate so much? Or is it anticipated i will cover the excess over the summer months when energy use will decrease?

*I checked to see if I have a smart meter which it says I do but you aren’t getting automatic readings from it. I also don’t have a display unit where I can monitor usage. Is there anyway I can get one of these? I want to be able to see what I’m using to be able to avoid big bills coming through