High Electricity Bills


I was wondering if anyone has any advice on high electric bills. I switched to bulb thinking it was maybe Scottish power that were charging really high however my electric seems astronomical. We had a new meter installed earlier this year and since then my bill seems exceptional for the size of house we have. We have a small 3 bedroom cottage. Usual appliances, our cooker is gas and so is our heating. We are getting told we have used £149.00 of electricity since the 22nd October till yesterday, our gas is much lower. Anyway I can check if the meter is working properly.



That does sound alot, as a reference from 31st of Oct till 30th Nov we used £33 worth of electricity for a 3 bed 3 story terraced house.

How many people are in your house as that’ll bump it up abit? There is only 2 of us in our house.

That does indeed sound like a lot.
I tend to use maybe £40 a month with two people. Heating is gas, cooking is gas and electric, and there’s always a whole load of techy stuff switched on.

In a month you have approximately £7.50 of standing charge with Bulb, so the extra £141.50 equates to over 1150Kwh.

You could check if the meter is working correctly with a current clamp meter; something like the Loop energy monitor would work.
They’re not exactly free though so maybe there is something that Bulb can do/supply to check it.

Official rules and procedure here .

Official rules and procedure here .
You should then contact your supplier who is required to investigate your complaint and make best efforts to resolve the problem (including the possible installation of a ‘check meter’ adjacent to the disputed billing meter). Sounds good.

MGDrummond, something is adrift . My heating is gas, cooking is gas and electric, shower gas. My elec bill for NOV was £36 so even adding an extra week would still only be £48.
4 bed detached and occupied 24/7 with 2 occupants.

Just a thought, if you recently joined is your bill an estimate which until actual readings come through would be based on the high readings/usage with Scottish Power.

Heating costs may not be the fault of your meter. This is a long story. It depends how you have insulated your house, if you use LED bulbs and so on. Maybe you fill the kettle right up instead of the amount boiled you need. Maybe you have a dirty job and need the washing machine on a lot and use the tumble dryer if it rains. Appliances which are old consume a lot of energy and need all replacing to A+++ or at least A+, this will save a lot of energy. Switch off everying thing at night that you do not need. Think of switching all the lights off when not needed and that dreaded TV. I use solar for some of my energy and off-the-grid is the best way forward for the future. (Even for the car)

Leonard7077…I still dont think that would account for it although could make good savings.
Before I moved to LED and before my house was insulated and at the time doing lots of DIY the largest monthly bill I had for elec was £50.
I agree with you on how to cut usage down but still reckon its too high also taking in to account this appeared to start after a new meter was installed by Scottish Power.

@leonard7077, over £100 is a ludicrous figure for usage unless you live in a huge house and have electric heating.

Appliances which are old consume a lot of energy and need all replacing to A+++ or at least A+, this will save a lot of energy.
I will say that you have to be careful here. I've seen heaters rated on their energy efficiency before... The embedded carbon of producing new equipment is often never going to be offset by the energy savings of the new appliance.

It might save you a few quid, but you still have to take into account the hundreds of pounds that new appliances are.

@MGDrummond it does look like your electricity usage is somewhat unusual. It’s more in line with a 6-bedroom house. Can you please send us a picture of them meter at help@bulb.co.uk and we’ll take a look to make sure there’s no confusion about the meter’s readings?

@scudo I also thought the answer would be a low opening estimate, but in this case @MGDrummond gave an actual opening read. Very good thought, though. Thanks for the help and also thanks to @mowcius and @198kHz and @leonard7077 and @tom6685 :slight_smile: