High energy bill

Hello, my bill has been £200 a month for about 6 months, now its £350. I have a coal Rayburn for heating, hot water and I cook on it. My house mate uses the electric oven, but normally about 4 days a week for one meal. My lodger in a small caravan, uses a little heater, tiny fridge. My other lodger uses a small fridge and a heater and electric blanket. I run 2 chest freezers, which I’m looking to replace smaller modern ones. I think my bills are very expensive. I have a smart meter.

Is the £200 per month the (same) direct debit amount? If so, it’s not your true cost. That would be shown on your monthly statement. Your statement would be accurate if you submit readings, or your smart meter submits readings, a day or two before your statement date.

It’s difficult to comment on your usage without knowing the true spend.

Hey @tracyclimber Thanks for your post.

Your usage is high, the smart meter indicates you are using more than expected so Its important to try and find ways to reduce your energy bills.

We have some great options that might help, I’ve listed them below.

Simple Energy Advice and Energy Saving Trust are a good first point of call for reducing energy costs in your household.

LEAP, The Energy and Money Saving Service and My ECO Home are support services for free home assessments and energy efficiency improvements.

You can check the energy efficiency performance of your property on the EPC Register. If your property is a ‘D’ or below you may be eligible for a Green Grant.

These three articles from our help site also give simple helpful tips on saving energy:
10 simple ways to lower your energy bills
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Saving on your energy bills with energy-efficient appliances

I hope you find these resources helpful

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Those electric heaters will chew through electricity.

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