High gas usage

I switched to BULB early July having given a final meter read to both old and new supplier. I gave a gas meter read after 1 months usage. To find I have supposedly used 248units in 30 days. I have a combi boiler and the only gas usage in summer months is that of heating water for showers and washing up. I have now run a check on my meter for the last 14 days I use between 0.7 to 1.0 unit per day. Anyone got any ideas how the 248 units may have happened. For info I have checked back through the previous year of bills to find nothing like that sort of usage even in winter months.

Not with Bulb but are you saying your reading on the Bill you received less the reading you gave them is 248 units, both readings should be on the monthly bill.

Are the meter readings showing on your bill the same as those you supplied to Bulb? When you refer to 284 units, is this the difference between the start meter reading and the one supplied 30 days later. Are you possibly confusing meter reading units with kWh, nominally 1 unit = 11 kWh.

The 248 units is the difference between the final bill reading on July 1 and the new meter read on Aug 1st. I would expect the usage for the July to be no more than 30 units.

Heya @Pw1968.

We had to use an estimated gas reading to close your account of 29762. This should be the same one that your previous company use.

I can see that you gave us an opening meter reading of 29994. Unfortunately, your opening meter read has been rejected by the independent switch regulator.

This happens when their estimates don’t quite match your meter reading. And it means you will be paying Bulb a little bit more and your previous company a little bit less. If you would like us to dispute this opening meter reading, then do let us know.

Sorry about that. We appreciate it can be frustrating when you have gone to the effort of giving us the opening meter reading.

The opening meter read was correct at 29762, I emailed both companies on the same day. My final bill from previous supplier was correct and opening balance on your bill was correct, I’m not disputing that, what I don’t understand is how my meter is showing a usage of 248 units when all the boiler is going is heating shower water and for washing up. I have monitored usage for last 2 weeks and I am barely using a unit a day. I can only imagine meter has developed A fault.

@Pw1968 .The opening meter reading you gave us was 29994. That is 232 units higher than we actually used (29762). This means that when you read the meter now, it will seem like you have used much more than you actually have.

It might be best to have a chat with one of our team about your meter readings. You can reach us on 0300 30 30 635, from Monday to Friday (9:00am to 6:00pm).

If the meter is faulty, we’ll certainly organise to get it exchanged but I suspect it is the difference between your actual and estimated opening meter readings that have caused this.