High ratings on review sites very misleading to public.

Surely the high rating Bulb has on review sites is totally false due to them allowing the use of referral codes that attract a £50 credit to both parties. I have seen them everywhere, even on reviews of other suppliers where the reviewer marks that company down severely, saying how wonderful Bulb is and puts his or her referral code in the text stating clearly that both parties will get a £50 credit. No one will ever write a bad review AND place a referral; code. Reviews should be based on factual matters only, and there should not be any incentive to write a rave review. Bulb may sit back admiring their glorious reviews, but they too must know why they are rated very considerably higher than other suppliers.

I recently joined and made no use of any ones code as I believe the practice to be wrong. To be frank, I worry about being with a company that encourages such practice.

Bulb must know of this practice .

It is against Bulb’s terms and conditions for people to include their referral/personal link on the review sites: Terms & Conditions | Bulb :

17.3.9. Personal Links may not be posted or shared on review platforms such as, but not limited to Trustpilot and Google reviews. This is to protect the integrity of reviews.

and I believe @“Bill at Bulb” is taking action where he can/they are notified to him (see http://community.bulb.co.uk/discussion/2101/taking-referral-links-off-the-community-to-make-discussions-easier ).

It may be against terms and conditions, but these codes are pasted everywhere. The playing field should be fair. What if giants like Eon and BG did the same?

Just because a company states it against the rules, does not mean they should ignore what is happening. They issued the codes, and they will know to whom they belong.

The advantage Bulb has in this arrangement is unfair to other suppliers who mostly receive terrible reviews from angry customers. Now. it would be different if they offered them £50!

Hi @dinesh12 - thanks for getting in touch and sharing your concern about it. We take steps to try and police the sharing of links on inappropriate sites. I’m not lying when I say that policing has taken up entire days when we see something that’s really out of order.

We’ve banned quite a few repeat offenders of this, and we’ve tried to get in touch with quite a few members that are going too far.

For Trustpilot, we’ve tried to work with them on it, but we can’t easily police external sites ourselves. You can see whenever there’s a verified order (which is when we ask our members to review us), it will never have a referral link on it. We try to do this to lots of members to ensure that we get reviews that also show that people enjoy Bulb as an energy supplier without using it to promote their link.

We also remove all referral links from our community as well to ensure it’s only real discussion here.

We also don’t want to go on mass deletions or reporting of our reviews. If we see people doing it continuously, or if the review is just a referral link, we take action and start reporting, but if someone just does it once we don’t tend to come down overly hard - I think many people merely don’t realise that it’s against the Ts&Cs and we don’t want to come down too hard on them for an honest mistake.

If it’s websites impersonating ours or repeated spamming we do take a harder stance. It’s not really reasonable to think that those two things would be above board, so we get in touch and block referral links when we see this happen.

We don’t give anyone incentives to give a ‘rave review’ though - if someone gives us a 1* review they’re entitled to referral credit if they refer someone, and the people we ask to review us are also asked not to include a referral link with their review. I don’t think people that didn’t like Bulb would give a good review even with the chance of a referral credit.

At the end of the day, we’re unashamed that we prefer member referral and word of mouth as a method of growth, we’d much rather put money in our members pockets than to Facebook/Google etc.

Happy to discuss any of it in further detail though

The advantage Bulb has in this arrangement is unfair to other suppliers who mostly receive terrible reviews from angry customers. Now. it would be different if they offered them £50!

There is nothing to stop other companies offering the same. Yes the £50 offers will encourage some to join however the bigger the customer base the more stable Bulb will become. Bulb spend it the way they do, others will spend more on other types of marketing …is that fair as the customer pays for that.