High unexpected bill

Only a few months ago my direct debit was reduced to £150 pr month,now i have been advised to increase my payments to £202 a month this is far more than i was paying with eon and double what my smart meter says im using which at the moment stands at a total of £290 for electric this was put in in early september,the total bill is £1400 which on my reckoning pr month would be around £120 a month so why do i need to pay£202 a month which i cant afford to pay,have worked out since january 19 i have paid a total of £1965.43 and it says my average bill is £153 so where do they get £202 a month from

This is a customer forum and none of us fellow customers will have any details about your bills.

Have you contacted Bulb direct via, telephone, chat or email?

This is only advisory NOT compulsory, if you have at least two(2) months credit on your account just ignore it. As I do. Amount of credit will be on your monthly statement. If your credit is a wee bit low you can make a one off payment through your online account, if you only have the phone app you will need to call them to make a one off card payment

I have noticed the same thing when I look at my account. I have years of usage data and can see that my costs last year work out at £140 a month. This means that at the start of winter I have over £400 account credit, which covers the typical winter monthly usage which can be as high as £250 for a month during freezing weather.
Despite this, Bulb show an alert when I log into my account, suggesting I pay £201.91 a month. I am currently £369 in credit, and even if this month’s bill is £200, I’ll still be in credit of £309 following my usual DD payment of £140. If January’s bill is £250, I’ll still have a credit of £199, and so on.

If you’ve checked all your meter readings and are reasonably confident about how much you spend, you can simply change your DD to the correct amount. You can also make a one off payment if you wish. Make sure you submit monthly meter readings if you haven’t got a smart meter. I guess bulb want to avoid customers being in a debit balance, and also want to comply with government regulations regarding the protection of customers from large unexpected bills and any possible financial hardship or debt which may arise. At least bulb enable you to set your DD amount and change it any time. I left my last supplier because they imposed £85 a month during summer, then £200+ a month during winter, but like most people I prefer to spread the cost evenly throughout the year.

There saying i owe them £700 yet ive paid a total of £1900 throughout the year but seem like since ive had the smart meter fitted the average is £153 a month that dont work out unless there was something wrong with the old meter

Your smart meter probably isn’t sending usage data yet. Your resent bills are most likely estimated - check your statements to see. If so, take some manual readings as you used to do and submit them to Bulb for now.