Higher payments during your first winter

People use more energy in the winter. It’s darker, colder and it’s just nicer to stay inside with the heating on, TV turned up loud and hot chocolate simmering away. During the warmer months, you build up a bit of a buffer so that your winter payments can stay the same, even with this higher usage.

Members who join us between July and March don’t have a chance to build up this buffer, though. If you joined during this period we increase your monthly payments from October by 20% so you don’t fall into the red. We only do this for your first winter.

Your unit rates remain the same
Your price of your energy remains exactly the same per kWh. Turning the lights on for an hour doesn’t cost more than before. It’s just that people tend to have them on longer during winter.

Only during your first winter
In April, we’ll permanently drop your payments back to the normal amount. And since you’ll have plenty of time to build up a buffer over summer you won’t have to have higher winter payments again. Bonus.

If you don’t want higher payments…
If you think that you won’t use more energy during winter just let us know. We can tweak them for you, and then keep an eye on them so that you don’t end up in the red.

We hope this isn’t a surprise
We don’t ever want something like this to come as a surprise. We’ve put information about the winter uplift on our website and in your welcome pack when you joined. And if you joined through a partner’s website then they should have made it clear too. But if it wasn’t clear, please let us know so that we can improve for future members.

I don’t want my payments increased as I am already in credit, I will check my usage and I will increase them if I do use more. Please leave my payments as they are and confirm you have received this e.mail. Many thanks sueper

Hi @sueper

I’ll set your payments to stay as they are then.

As you said, it’s a good idea for you to keep an eye on your usage and take regular meter readings. So it’s great that you’re on that.

All the best,


I also want my payments left as they are. It would be helpful to have a means of contact in the email.

Righto @sjw we’ll keep your payments the same. And good point about the contact details. We’ll include them next time.

It would be a good idea for you to take regular reading over winter just so you can keep a closer eye on your usage.

All the best,


Hi there, my annual estimate has been split into equal payments. Why therefore are you adjusting higher over winter? Surely the winter and summer equal themselves out if I am only paying 1/12th every month. The forecast was provided using actual kWh numbers from my last years consumption. Nothing is likely to change so i don’t see the need to increase.

PS - I always provide monthly meter reads so consumption will be tracked closely.

Hi there,
I would like to keep my payments the same as my account is in credit, and I intend on making very regular meter readings and tracking my usage. Could you make this so like the about?


I would like to keep my payments the same as well, we’ve only been with you a couple of weeks but we were only using about 1/5th of the energy our old provider predicted we would use last month and I think your predictions were similar so we are thinking we will be in credit. Will keep an eye on it when I do the next meter reading beginning of october.


Hi @seardarren I’ll set your monthly payments to stay the same throughout your first winter for you.

Your annual usage was split into 12, it’s just that during your first winter you won’t have had a chance to build up a credit buffer. We recommend that you increase your payments during your first winter if you don’t have this buffer to prevent you from falling into the red. But your monthly payments are your choice, so if you think they should stay the same then that’s fine too.

I’ve set them to stay the same now. Great stuff on the meter reads. We’ll help you keep an eye on your usage and let you know if your payments look like they’re getting too high or too low.

Will do @ashleyjwheat. I’ve just set your payments to stay the same. Thanks for the meter readings. Very useful for making sure everything is peachy.

@chloet Righto, I’ve set your payments to stay the same. If you’re using such a low amount of energy then we should definitely lower them further. When you’ve had a couple of months of usage we’ll be able to much more accurately gauge how much we should lower your payments by.

I would like to keep my payments the same as we are not likely to use more during winter because we are too environmentally friendly (read: cheap) to use heating!

Could I please keep my payments as they are?

Hi @datenightdoesenergy I’ve just set your payments to stay the same. They now won’t change.

As above, it’s a good idea to make sure you give regular readings over winter just so we can both keep a closer eye on things.

@hsu84 Yep you certainly can. I’ve set your payments to stay the same.

Please could you try to take regular meter readings over winter? It’s important to keep a closer eye on things since most people use more energy over winter. Thanks!


Hi, I haven’t even come on plan yet and I’m being told my payments are going up? This doesn’t bode well. Please do not raise my payments and I will make sure to provide meter readings.

Hi @unique_displayname I’ve just set your payments to stay at the same lower amount. Good job on the meter readings too, definitely a good idea.

Let me know if you need anything else.


Hi, to be honest this did come as a surprise. I only joined recently and to have a 20% increase e-mail come through mere days later has left a bit of a bitter taste in the mouth. I’ve never had this happen with other energy providers? The estimated annual usage we provided when joining is way in excess of what we anticipate using and have done in the past. As such, I would be grateful if you could ensure that our monthly direct debit is kept at the amount we originally signed up to. We will of course keep track via meter readings. Thanks.

@catfordmartin I’ll set you monthly payments to stay the same for you. And as you mentioned, meter readings will be great.

If you think it needs to reduce further then we can do that too. If you know how much you used with your old supplier, we can use that to calculate how many units you were using with them, and thus how many you’re going to be using with us. If you let us know which tariff you were on, which supplier, and how much you paid them then i can make that change for you too.

All the best,