Higher payments


I was aware that the price would increase in the winter months for my first year, but I wasn’t expecting my bill to be the same amount I was paying British Gas. I could’ve just stayed with them and not had the hassle of switching! The reason I switched to you, however, was because I am having a baby in October and wanted to save some money on my energy bill - which I would be doing if I was going to pay the price you quoted me. I would prefer to pay the amount you quoted me and if I use more energy to then pay for the extra.

If you could let me know if that’s possible I would really appreciate it.

Many thanks,

Mrs Lydia Lucas

Hi @lydialucas

Sure, we can tweak your monthly payments to keep them at the same amount throughout the winter. Your first payment in September will be at your quote amount anyway, but I’ll set your October to March payments to be the same as your first one too.

Since you won’t have the higher winter payments though, you will have to be more careful. It would be a good idea to give regular meter readings so that we can both keep an eye on it. We wouldn’t want you to get through to half way through next year and then get a nasty bill.

Congrats on your new family member too!


Hi Will,

That’s great thanks, I’m happy to keep an eye on it all! At the moment I don’t think we’ll use more as our flat is quite well insulated - but I guess you never know with a new born!

Thank you!


You’re welcome. Good job on the readings and keeping an eye on it. I just don’t want you to get a shock in spring.

All the best,