higher payments


I am aware that my winter fuel usage is going to be higher, however I wasn’t expecting that I would be paying £20/month more than I was with my previous supplier. As I am looking to save on my fuel bills, this amount comes as a bit of a shock!

My understanding was that my energy usage had already been averaged out across the year, and the quote I received reflected this. I would prefer to pay the amount you quoted me and if I use more energy to then pay for the extra. I’m happy to provide extra meter readings to keep a check on this.

Many thanks


Hi @pranava

No worries, I’ll set your monthly payments to stay as they are.

We recommend higher monthly payments during your first winter, but if you’d prefer not to then that’s fine. Regular meter readings are a good idea so that we can both keep a closer eye on your account.

All the best,


That’s great, thank you…and I’m very impressed to be getting a response at this time on a Friday night!
Have a good weekend

No worries, you’re welcome. I would have replied sooner, but my train took me out of signal for a bit there :slight_smile: