Higher standing charges

Hi bulb,

We considered joining you guys. However, we did some calculations and saw that your energy is, indeed, cheaper but the standing charges are much higher so that we actually don’t save what you calculated in the quote. Is that correct?

Best wishes and have a good one,

Hi @pat11 thanks for your question!

The standing charge is definitely included in the quote :smile:

The standing charge includes most of our overheads such as operational costs, levies and taxes, some transmission charges as well as the metering costs to ‘rent’ your meter (suppliers do not actually own your meter but rent from a third party manager that we employ to do any repairs or changes to it).

This is slightly higher for us than larger suppliers because our operational costs are divided over a smaller customer base.

As we grow we aim to decrease these significantly, and 2 out of 5 of our price drops last year were actually decreases to the daily standing charge!

Hope that helps and makes things a bit clearer.