Higher winter payments

Hi, please can my monthly payments stay consistent and not rise in winter. I took the Bulb offer on Uswitch based on historical and predicted energy use from meter readings and that would be a fixed monthly DD of £91.41. This reflects my annual usage divided by 12 months meaning I’ll underpay in winter and overpay in summer, but over the year it will even out to my annual usage. This is how I have always managed my energy costs without any problems. Please let me know if this how I will be paying, if not I shall cancel the contract and move to a provider who will.

I agree with the above post - i didn’t sign up to the monthly amount to then be told that it would be 20% higher in winter - really crafty - and if it doesn’t stay at what you have advertised then i will cancel the contract just taken out and move provider.

Fair comment. Could there be a flexible option where customers can choose either a year-round consistent payment or a seasonal model? Both have pros and cons for each party, and everyone treats their own finances differently.
I would also rather have a single constant payment.

Hi @culhaneil1, @tg2931 and @johnsammon

I’ve removed the winter increase for you now, your payments will stay at the lower amount from now on.

I’m sorry that it was a surprise to you. We try to make it as clear as possible on our website when people join that it’s applied by default. Unfortunately, some switching sites don’t give it as much priority, so we also include it in the first email that we send you to make doubly sure you know about it.

It’s just a recommendation, though, so if anyone would rather not have it we’re very happy to remove it, as I’ve now done for you. We recommend it to help people stop going into debt over their first winter. Without the credit buffer that people naturally build up over summer, it’s easy to end up with a fairly large debit on your account. This buffer is what allows members to have the same prices throughout the year, despite very different usage.

All the best,