Historic meter readings to produce year-on-year graphs

One down side to moving energy suppliers is loosing the year on year comparison of energy usage for showing the info in the graphs and estimating usage. I’m wondering if it’d be possible to get the old readings from the previous supplier, or to allow me to submit the old meter readings (I’ve got them in a Google Sheet) to allow the graphs to populate with the usage, and straight away start showing the year-on-year comparison?

Hi @shaun8818, that’s an awesome idea. We aren’t able to get the readings from your old supplier, but I’m checking with our tech team to see if we’re be able to back-date the chart. Most people aren’t as on top of their old readings as you are, so it isn’t something we do regularly, but I appreciate it definitely would be handy to see!

That’s good to hear, thanks for looking into this.