Historic usage data

Currently, the historic usage in the app shows 12 months – I can scroll from May 2022 all the way back to June 2021.

Frustratingly, I can’t see the historic usage for May 2021 which would be useful for purposes of comparison.

Could Bulb’s app developers tweak the historic usage setting to enable 13 months to be displayed?

For users to be able to make useful, meaningful, comparisons over time, the historic data should be secure and accurate in and not subject to “recalculation” as some users have experienced with their historic usage data.

If you can handle a spreadsheet, just do your own, according to the media the company is paying the staff retention bonuses just to stay on, not much hope of seeing actual improvements in service.

I appreciate the point and, while any users who would find comparing their current usage with that of 12 months ago might keep a spreadsheet, there will be a subset of users who, for one reason or another, would not be able to use a spreadsheet to make that simple comparison.

For those who can, they probably keep similarly detailed account of other things too – car mileage, water usage, calorific intake, height, weight, and Bristol Scale deposits.

All the effort involved on the part of individuals tracking just their Bulb energy usage is not inconsiderable.

But having a back-ender simply changing the value of a variable from showPastMonths(12) to showPastMonths(13) would save a few people a considerable amount of effort.

Bulb hasn’t been closed, and staff are still retained to provide some level of customer service – the time and effort required to make the suggested change is trivial.

The change probably won’t happen, and Bulb probably wouldn’t know it would be helpful to make the change if no-one asks, but it would be nice if it did.

Have been with Bulb for 2 years and there isn’t any data on my historic usage.

It might be a trivial task to get the required change however you may have noticed forum threads on energy use charts displaying incorrect actual usage data., another trivial repair that is beyond the technical reach of the tech support staff.

Then there’s the inability to connect a customer to an already installed smart meter, or what seems to be incorrect billing for those on bulb smart meters, the list go’s on and on.

Best of luck with your request.


Hi @ddiedugg :wave:

This is a really interesting suggestion. I completely appreciate your point here and agree this information would be handy to compare usage between months each year. I will pass this on to our tech team who are always keen to have feedback (so if you have any more please drop it below :point_down:)

In the meantime, your Bulb account will have all saved statements from when it was first opened so you can check your statement for a month prior to 12 months ago to see what the usage was this month.

If you have any other questions please let me know.

Luke :bulb:

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That’s great, thanks Luke!

I hope the dev team look favourably on my suggestion, and can at least add it to the backlog even it if can’t be implemented at once.

@Luke, while you’re at it please would you ask the developers to make the charts do what they claim- show usage data. Showing cost only is pointless: knowing that last May our peak daily cost was £2 and this May it was £4 reveals absolutely nothing about usage.

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