Historical Bills and Readings

Been a bulb member for a couple of years but had an extension built in last 12 months and refitted kitchen and electric has shot through the roof (although appliances are all eco based) - concerned something not right so I’m trying to work out my yearly consumption since been with bulnb comparing to prev supplier (SSE) - however my history only goes back 11 months?!?

This seems daft because unless I keep a manual note I cant go back and plot historical usage.

Can anyone advise how I get my full usage since day 1 please?

I have one of these smart meters (fitted pre bulb) and I regularly submit my own readings so need to try and spot spikes ahead.

Also trying to prevent Bulb whacking my monthly bills up by over £100.00 when I’m more than capable of topping up as and when I need to!


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Hi @adrian3

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Your usages and meter readings will be visible on statements under ‘payments and statements’, which will run back to the day you joined.

We also add your estimated annual usage figures to all these statements, so you can take a look there at how they compare on pre-extension and post-extension statements.

I hope this helps :+1: