History Timeline

Hi can you please create a history timeline that shows old usage for both. Like npower have.

I think there’s something on your bill which shows what you used in the same period last year?

Hey @seabass1 , And welcome to Community!

If you check your Bulb Account you can see your usage charts going back to when you joined us both in energy terms and in monetary terms.

Check it out here: https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard/usage

My energy chart hasn’t updated since 22nd March and no smart meter readings show since 12th March even though my account is set for daily reads?

Very basic graph. Having a scroll along chart with usage showing industry average or even the ability to enter meter readings from old suppliers. Something that demonstrates cost better especially as a comparison against other suppliers

Hi @Johno, I will pop you a quick email now to lend a hand as it looks like I can view your daily usage which has been sent by your SMART meter.

Hey @seabass1, that is a great idea. We are always looking for new ways to ‘make things better’ at Bulb. We have recently added a green impact section on the energy usage tab too so you can see how much CO2 you avoided since being with Bulb.

The textual readings go back to the start of the account, however the graph is very limited and doesn’t give an idea of you are using more or less than previous years.

Hi @shaun8818, we can only show data from when we took over the electricity supply. We are unable to show data passed this point. If the account is over a year old, then the months on the usage graph will show an average value. - Sam

I’ve been with Bulb since August 2017, so have a few years usage data available now.
The graph doesn’t help with comparing usage usage time, especially compared to actual usage for previous years. Other utility companies have provided this when I’ve been with them in the past.

And I’m still waiting for your email.

Hey @Johno,

I think Meg got back to you earlier. Let me know if you’re still waiting to hear. :slightly_smiling_face: