Holiday home

I have a holiday home and arranged for Bulb to supply electricity there as well as my home address. But when I log in to give my first reading it takes me to the account for my home address. I used the same login for both addresses and thought there would be a way of switching to the holiday home account to enter a reading, but there ain’t. If I’d known that i would have set up the account with a second email address, but I didn’t, so here we are. Does anyone have any advice?

Here’s something to try - don’t know if it will work!
Log in with your email address.
Go through the online process to change your email address.
It MIGHT change over the account for just one of your addresses.
Worth a try anyway …

Thanks for your suggestion, but the issue was resolved overnight! Now when I log in a drop down menu appears with the second address. I click on that and the right menu appears - even taking day and night readings, which was another issue I had not figured out. We’re all good now.

Hi @niall5292 - we’re glad it’s sorted! We get a notification at this end when you enrol a new property, and we manually merge the accounts at this end so you can manage both in one online account. That may have been why it magically changed overnight :wink:

Thanks for your advice @abigail7783. Let us know if we can help with anything else.