Home Battery Storage Solutions

Has anyone invested in home battery storage?
Some questions I’d like to ask for anyone that has.

  1. Do you have solar panels already installed?
  2. If you don’t did you use a multi rate tariff to charge it when energy was cheapest or is this a bad idea.
  3. Which system did you buy? (Powerwall or another system)
  4. What is the capacity of your system, and how much electricity do you use on a monthly or daily basis and can the battery satisfy your demands?
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Invest is probably the wrong word! Spend a fortune to not save very much might be better. Check the OVO website, as they are planning a scheme where you import/export.

Just ordered a Sofar Solar 3000me controller and Pylontech 2.4kw battery off ebay for 1465.I have 1.1kw of pv panels installed.we use just under 6kw a day.Its modular so anoother battery to take it to 4.8 kw is likely as soon as i have 800 pounds!

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Hi, I’ve got a large solar array 7.2kwh and have a battery storage system using a Sofar controller and 6x Pylontech batteries giving a total of 14.4kwh of storage. Also have an iboost + controller to make use of excess energy heating domestic water and as it’s the “+” controller it has an additional outlet which powers an electric heater when the water is up to temperature. My calculations are that overall I am better off per year by about £1500+.

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I thought you guys might be interested in Kit’s post on batteries. I’m sure he’d love to hear your thoughts. :thought_balloon:

hi Kit
i have just signed up to hear about battery products / services from bulb, and it would apper you did not ask a very important question. " do you have solar panels?" if so what Kw?
Any one with 3 or 4 Kw of solar panels will be exporting to the grid at the wrong time to help. If they have a battery they can use the power themselves and so reduce the load on the grid.
I have been looking at the Tesla power wall and they have a unit of 13.5 Kw for a single phase suppl. This looks like the smallest system that will give a good return both in summer and winter, using off peak charging.
also if you could update your graphs for usage that would be useful, and if you want to see a good one look at SMA Sunny Portal

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hi Nick
i would love to see your calculations, as i am looking to add a battery to my PV, and every time i do the ROI calculations i need about 30 years to break even. I have 4 kw of PV, but most of what i generate is exported.
Also what monitoring system do you use, as the bulb tracker is very poor, i use SMA sunny portal for my PV.

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Hi Timo, i installed a Sofar Solar ac coupled ‘brain’ and a Pylontech 2.4kwh battery.Only 1500 pounds off e-bay.In the summer the battery although small powers our home (3 bed) from sun down until bedtime.Obviously most people have to pay installation costs too but ive found it reduces the electric bill a lot and is modular,so in the future if i get more panels(only 2kw at present) i can just plug in another battery.Hope this helps, Pete.